Lovely Musing: Happy Valentines Day

It’s not a very big deal to people. Most of us really only think about Valentine’s day until the week before, and some not until the morning of. And even thought it’s obviously perpetuated by gift card companies and 1-800-Flowers It is a generally nice time. It’s good to celebrate romantic love. Whether you’re single, married, swinging or stalking you should spend time with people you love today.

Here’s a few articles for your reading pleasure to mark the occasion.

5 Sketchy Facts You Didn’t Know about Valentines day (

Valentine’s Day DOs and DON’Ts For Couples, Single People and The Hopelessly Confused (HuffPo)

Pornhub Comments as Valentine’s Cards (BroMyGod)

 10 Poems To Help Your Valentines Go Smoothly (BroBible)

Hope you have fun with these. Have a great Weekend.

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